Download CS 1.6 Torrent

How to Download CS 1.6 Torrent

You can free download CS 1.6 torrent as long as you have a computer and can connect to the internet. In case you are wondering what CS means, these are abbreviations for Counter Strike. Before you get started with downloading this game, you must ensure that your computer meets the recommended system requirements. Counter strike is somehow big and so you need to have at least 650 megabytes in the hard disk. The RAM should not be less 128 MB. This is because the graphics in this game will not be displayed when the memory is low. Your computer should have a clock speed of not less than 800 MHz and run on Windows XP or VISTA operating system.

Download CS 1.6 Torrent Description

Before you free download Counter Strike 1.6 torrent, it’s important to know what this game is all about. In Counter strike, there are groups engaging in gun battle namely the terrorists and counter terrorists. The player can join any group and so he can join the terrorists, and he has the mandate of eliminating all the counter terrorists and vice versa. For every terrorist or counter terrorist that is gunned down, the player earns some points in the form of money. You can use the money you have earned to buy more weapons. This means that the fewer points you have, the fewer weapons will be available for you.

Getting Started With Download Counter Strike 1.6 Torrent

You should commence by downloading torrent client. Once you have finished installing it, you should go to the page titled CS 1.6 torrent download and click on it. This is done to initiate the download of torrent executable file. Just remember that the process does not stop at the installation of torrent client. When another window opens requesting you to save or open the file, click on save button. This causes the executable file to be saved in the location you selected. After a short while when the download is complete, go to downloads folder and double click on the counter strike file and follow the instructions of the installation wizard.

Know the Map after You Download CS 1.6 Torrent

Now that you know how to Download CS 1.6 Torrent, and it’s time to start playing. First and foremost analyse the controls and learn how to navigate using them. Since there is a map that is on display, you should study it because it is only then that you will know the ideal hiding spots. By having the map on your fingertips, you will not get surprise attacks from terrorists because you will be able to identify the hot spots. Once you have your pistol at hand, you should aim at any opponents that are not far from you. This is because you cannot make long range shots with a pistol. But if you are interested in making long range shots, you should wait until you have earned some money to buy one.

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